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Steve Bob, Associate Director

Steve Bob

Steve enjoys working with start-up and existing business owners who desire assistance growing their businesses.  He has worked with hundreds of different businesses over the years helping them address everything from financial projections to process improvement, marketing to funding.  He also teaches about various small business topics.

Steve has worked in a diverse mix of organizations over the past 20 years, including small business development centers, managing a small credit union, and being part of the management team of a small business incubator.  Steve has been responsible for such activities as managing the remodeling of a 36,000 square foot building, supervising technology and financial functions, assisting refugees and asylees to develop and grow businesses, helping business owners who were unable to secure funds from traditional loan sources, managing new product roll outs, and many others activities.  Steve served as the Treasurer of Credit Builders Alliance, a non-profit whose mission is to help organizations move people from poverty to prosperity through credit building.


Camelia Williams

Camelia Williams
Department Information Supervisor

Camelia Williams has contributed to diverse departments of the University of Illinois over the past 30 years. She joined the College of Business Administration  in 1997. Camelia is the receptionist and liaison for the Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies. She greets all callers and welcomes guests to IES. She manged client intake coordinator while UIC was part of the network of IL Small Business Development Centers. Camelia formerly served on the UIC Staff Advisory Council which is the bridge between the university administration and civil service work force and the Janice Watkins Committee which identifies and recognizes exceptional support staff for their distinguished civil service. Camelia enjoys family oriented activities, smooth jazz and is an active member of the Southside Unity Center of Christianity.



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