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GrowthWheel® is a tool for decision-making in start-up and growth companies. It helps entrepreneurs and advisors get focus, set agenda, make decisions, and take action.

Image of the GrowthWheel showing all 20 Focus Areas

GrowthWheel® 360˚ Screening
 helps entrepreneurs to get a quick overview of the most important areas to focus on when starting and growing your business.  There are three ways to use the screen:

  • Diagnosing challenges 
  • Mapping opportunities
  • Evaluating competencies

The goal of using the tool is to help you identify decisions that need to be made and actions that needs to be taken.

GrowthWheel® is based on the philosophy that there are just four core disciplines that are critical to the development of a company:

  1. You need to have an overview to maintain a holistic perspective and understanding of the development
  2. You need to make progress by keep focusing on the actions that make a difference for the development of the company
  3. You need to maintain the passion which is one of the most important resources of an entrepreneur and the reason for high productivity
  4. You need to build a community around the company and find areas where other people can help you by means of their specific competencies that you do not yet have yourself.