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Heather Grimm HeadshotHeather Grimm

UIC College of Kinesiology and Nutrition

“My coworker and I had been discussing a business idea that we had for about a year when we heard about the Startup Challenge. Neither one of us had any business or entrepreneurial experience, so we clearly had little to no idea what we were doing – let alone how to do it!  This competition was the perfect opportunity to gain insight on how people plan and run startup companies.The best part of the C2V/Startup Challenge was realizing that my idea was actually a good idea and that people were interested! In preparation for the competition, the teams would help each other out and even during the competition, there was so much support from one team to the next.”- Heather Grimm

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Watch Heather present her elevator pitch for the 2015 UIC Startup Challenge here!

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