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IES is UIC’s resource for inspiring and empowering entrepreneurs. If you have an interest in launching and leading a new business ventures of any size or sort, if you want to join a startup team, or if you just want to know more about startups and how you might fit, check out IES!

We offer a portfolio of diverse programs – classes, workshops, challenges, and certificates that introduce new venture development skills and experiences.  Our programs are applied, interdisciplinary and tailored with a bias toward action.  They extend and complement traditional university courses.

IES can connect you with experts, mentors, other entrepreneurs and the growing resources of the entrepreneurial community beyond UIC.

We encourage and foster your involvement in entrepreneurship through:

  • Events like BIG Weekends and the UIC Startup Challenge that inspire people across the entire UIC campus to explore entrepreneurship;​
  • Innovative, interdisciplinary, experiential Educational Programs geared for any and all students;
  • Educational Programs tailored to meet the specific needs of specific cohorts, like veterans, engineers, and scientists;
  • In-person Workshops & Quick Intros that provide guidance to aspiring entrepreneurs at each step along the way to a successful startup;
  • Experienced mentors;
  • Connections to the Chicago Entrepreneur Community through recent and long-time successful entrepreneurs;
  • A portal to the many resources.

We are a proud sponsor of the Illinois SBDC at UIC, which has served over 2000 entrepreneurs who launched over 200 businesses, creating 2600 jobs and securing over $85 million in funding.

Contact Us

Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies (MC 244)
College of Business Administration
815 W. Van Buren Street,  Suite 400
Chicago, IL 60607-7107 (map)

You may call us at  (312) 996-2670

You may reach us at ies@uic.edu.